Hollow block with pulvorized plastic

Having thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is 1. By then, the residents already practice segregating their own wastes and sell plastic containers and newspapers. Nevertheless, sometimes this cannot be the case.

Juris Balodis, project manager at the Latvian Technological Centre. The soil of each group was compacted according to the compaction energy and soil weight determined previously.

plastic hollow block

Its unique material-feeding device can quickly and evenly discharge the materials into the moulding box so that the weight error in finished products can be reduced to the minimum.

In general, most of the oyster shells are discarded with no further use once the flesh is stripped off; except that a small amount is used for art creation [ 12 ]. To incorporate waste materials into road base layers. The application of lime is a common and viable practice in soil stabilization and Pozzolanic reaction with fly ash.

This invention relates to improvements in the method of manufacturing hollow blocks of artificial stone to be used for decoration, interior and exterior finish, and particularly for insulating purposes, such as a substitute for porcelain and other more expensive insulator-blocks.

Specimen Curing and Compression Test To prevent water in the specimens from vaporizing, the specimens were wrapped in plastic film when produced Figure 7 and placed in large plastic bags.

A resin may also be a suitable method in which to fix into stone. However, the study did not yield the expected compressive strength increase in both compacted soil and lime blocks.

Therefore, it is essential to conduct a research for other alternatives to meet future demands. Unconfined compression strength of soil specimens for groups with different ages. However, at a specific weight of 2.

It suggests that, for the time being, the commercialized pulverized oyster will not have too much help in the Pozzolanic reaction with fly ash.

The expandable nature of clay is reduced by the ion exchange from the interaction between calcium ions and clay. Specific weights of soil specimens by group. In this experiment we will demonstrate how plastic waste can be used in making hollow blocks and bricks.

Hollow Building Block Moulds

The addition of both pulverized oyster shells and fly ash in the soil did not provide the improvement in soil strength as the addition of only pulverized oyster shells did. Weight proportion of ingredients in cubic specimens. Quicklime creates coagulation if added with water.

However, the lime contained in the shells does not provide improvement of concrete strength as the Pozzolanic products of concrete already contain lime, and therefore no positive effect is detected for concrete strength. Unconfined strength of compacted soil.

Waste Plastic and Flyash Applications Objectives: The purpose was to investigate the influence of pulverized oyster shells and fly ash to the compression strength of soil. Plastic waste is a huge problem that the Philippines is encountering, this research / project proposal is i think one of the best solution in solving this problem and producing a product that is highly durable, load bearing, low insurance rates, and Plastic - Sand Hollow Blocks.

Download. The material, composed of water, cement, and pulverized stone or equivalent ingredients, is now thoroughly mixed to a semifluid or plastic condition and then poured or mechanically filled into the mold upon the paraflin sheet 3, so as to fill the chamber between the core 2 and sides 4:which forms a hollow block 5 of artificial stone, having an.

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Hollow Blocks

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