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From around the web. The fairness of trial is of paramount importance as without such protection there would be trial by media which no civilised society can and should tolerate. That is why in cases where Court has no concrete evidence before it to record a conviction against the accused and the Court only entertains a suspicion that the accused may be the culprit, the Court will not convict the accused but would give him the benefit of doubt.

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made. It usually happens that when the counsel for one side argues his case the Judge may, with a view to generate full discussion or unravel the minute niceties of law, intervene and highlight certain points which may apparently be favourable to the opposite side.

When legally challenged personnel are at the helm of news reporting, what the viewing and reading public get is distorted, garbled, truncated and misleading versions. Any different interpretation can lead to disastrous consequences.

A senior Advocate of the Kerala High Court appearing in a television channel found fault with the High Court in not invoking the mandatory provision under Section 3 Cr.

The fickle minded public which has been conditioned to believe a particular version through a calculated process of media indoctrination will be loath to accept a different conclusion.

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There is nothing so unworthy as the acceptance or demand of a bribe or inducement for the exercise by a journalist of his power to give or deny publicity to news or comment.

Why should the media persons be allotted a room in an institution which is frequently covered by them. It may fix the venue of the trial at a proper place where the scope for any external interference may be eliminated or minimised.

It is a Hindu festival and the state festival of Kerala.

Vellapally had direct role in microfinance corruption: FIR

While this may add to the burden of our criminal Courts, we are of the view that it is imperative for the Courts to protect a citizen from what may appear to be victimization. No doubt, there could be mercenary motives as well behind such exhibits.

They never expect anything unexpected.

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Even if it could be said that the thirst for sensational news is a natural human desire, can investigative journalism quench that thirst without any risk or cost.

Such a right has been emphatically recognized by the European court of Human Rights. One is as important as the other. He is ostracised, humiliated and convicted without trial. Hence, in these places, the work efficiency also gets corrupted and altered as per the interests of the people in power.

We respectfully endorse the views and sentiments expressed by Mr M. The contents of documents and other evidence were discussed in public knowing fully well that a trial before the criminal court involving those material was imminent.

Officers in the higher echelons of the police force appearing in the print and electronic media giving interviews and narrating stories unravelled through investigation, are not, infrequent sights these days.

From the senior officer to the junior officers to the clerks, one would find corrupted people and the common man would find it difficult to bypass and get his things done. State of Orissa 7.

There were grave factual errors in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election rally speech last week. Even though he was referring to notes, Modi got the dates, events and people pertaining to and wars wrong. Keeping those gaffes aside, the essence of Modi’s appeal to the voters was that.

11 killed in continued violence in Ethiopia's restive region. Regional officials in Ethiopia say 11 people were killed in clashes in the restive Oromia region as the country continues to experience anti- government protests that at times lead to ethnic violence.

“Dikhalo sapna, sabka maal apna (show them dreams and pocket their money) is the notion followed by them (BJP leaders),” he said delivering a fiery speech filled with a series of couplets that.

Kerala Government moved an ordinance in view of corruption in the board. However, BJP alleged that the decision to issue an ordinance smacks of conspiracy.

Throughout his speech, Kumaraswamy spoke about the need to curb corruption and imbibe Gandhian values in governance but spoke nothing of corruption charges against the political class.

The question is: Amartya Sen said that Tamil Nadu (and Kerala) would be better off as a separate country. But since Malayalam evolved Chera became a separate state as Kerala, Sinhala evolved and separate Srilanka created.

Macron Denied Any Secrecy Pact on Rafale, Defence Minister Lied Under PM's Pressure: Rahul Gandhi

It is prone to corruption and nepotism. The only check on the corrupt politicians of TN is the Union Govt., which.

Antony 'softens' his anti-corruption statements Malayalam speech on kerala corruption
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