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The Election Commission finds it difficult to organise an election in that state.

List of Vice-Presidents of India

The oath of the President is administered by the Chief Justice of India, and in his absence, by the most senior judge of the Supreme Court. S Radhakrishnan, each of whom was a President of India at different points in time, remained Vice Presidents before they were elected as Presidents.

All important treaties and contracts are made in the President's name. He can direct the state to observe certain principles economy measures relating to financial matters. Cabinet Minister of Urban Development and Housing. The qualifications needed to become a Vice President of India are the following: If the charges are approved by the second House also then the President is said to have been impeached.

Under Military powers, he can declare war and conclude peace. Certain office-holders, however, are permitted to stand as presidential candidates. The social context, within which education as a tool of empowerment functions, is also equally important as it helps in understanding the dynamics of its impact on the process of nation-building.

This can be done on the written request of the Cabinet Ministers after the proclamation has been approved by the Parliament. Our society has always valued the importance of knowledge, learning and scholarship.

Indian Women Personalities: First Female in Indian History

He served as an MP from to Poverty remains the biggest hurdle in the path towards universal education. However, there is a slight difference in the election of the Vice President and that of the President. The government rules clearly state that a former President can avail either fuel allowance if he or she uses own vehicle, or use a government vehicle.

The Election Commission of India, which holds elections in the country, is responsible for ensuring that free and fair elections to the post of a Vice President are held in the following steps: July 29,3: However, after one year it can be extended only if A state of National Emergency has been declared in the country or in the particular state.

Her own brother was also linked to an alleged murder. She also faced much opposition for her acquisition of land in PuneMaharashtra state, to construct her retirement home. According to Article 62, an election to fill a vacancy caused by the expiration of the term of office of President shall be completed before the expiration of the term.

How many awards did A. It can be extended by six months by repeated parliamentary approval-there is no maximum duration. Among other critical powers, he enjoys the pardoning power, whereby he can pardon the death sentence awarded to a convict.

If the case was such, the President could claim direct power of the people since they voted for her. Also, such treaties are subject to the approval of the parliament.

But, he will continue to hold his office, in spite of tendering his resignation, until his successor takes up his office.

List of Presidents of India S. InPratibha Patil entered the presidential battle and won with a distinct edge over her rival, defeating her opponent by more than three lakh votes. During such an emergency, the president can take over the entire work of the executive, and the governor administers the state in the name of the president.

Issuing whips to garner votes for a particular candidate is also prohibited. She held this post till 25 July and was succeeded by Pranab Mukherjee.

President of India

It is also important that the education imparted is relevant to their needs. Diplomatic, Military and Judicial powers He appoints ambassadors and high commissioners to other countries. Education must teach the lesson of gender equality to both boys and girls and negate the deep-rooted influence of gender bias which forms the bedrock of social prejudices.

Selection Process of the Vice President Like the election of the President, the election of the Vice President is indirect and in accordance with the system of proportional representation, through the concept of a single transferable vote by secret ballot.

Pratibha Patil Birthday, Age, Family & Biography

Salary of the Vice President The Vice President is entitled to receiving the salary of the Chairman of the Council of States, which presently amounts to Rs 1,25, per month. First woman President of India, Pratibha Patil, who served as Head of the State before Pranab Mukherjee.(Express Archive) Once the vote quota is achieved by one candidate, the winner is announced.

Consider this example. The President of India is the head of the executive, legislature and judiciary of the country. Article 52 of the Constitution of India says that there should be a President of India. State Bank of India Recruitment: State Bank of India has once again brought smiles to the faces of job hunters by making a public announcement for hiring of employees for the renowned posts of Specialist Cadre Officer and many others.

The unveiled notification has announced vacancies for posts on full time basis for which any candidate who satisfies the eligibility criteria may apply.

Pratibha Patil Biography Born on 19th DecemberPratibha Devisingh Patil is an Indian politician and was the 12th President of India and the first woman to hold this esteemed position.

Pratibha Rao Patil (pronunciation (help · info)) (born 19 December ) is an Indian politician who served as the 12th President of India from to A member of the Indian National Congress, Patil is the only woman to hold the office.

She previously served as the Governor of Rajasthan from to AICSM Profile ALL INDIA COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION Run by ROSTRIYA JANKALYAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY. an autonomous institution registered No/RJ,/IV and 21,/ govt. of India N.C.T.S Provides various training programs of Central & State Govt.

to the people of different categories in the society.

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